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I felt so comforted by what she shared, and at several points was moved to tears by how accurately she described and interpreted what had been playing out in my life. I was amazed by the detail she provided and the in depth knowledge she had of the astrological energies, planets and themes. She has a very divine aura around her. No matter what situation you are experiencing, after meeting her you get a feeling of calmness.

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Her predictions are spot on and her mantras and solutions are equally effective. She always makes. Shilpa is a rare find.

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She combines astrology with world class skills, like angel therapy, crystal therapy, tarot, chakra balancing, etc. She is an educated professional in a field of half-baked individuals whose only motivation is money. She is a true counselor. Just her presence is soothing and reassuring. Shilpa has been quite accurate in her predictions.

esha jain astrology

Also, she takes personal interest in each horoscope as she is very passionate about her work. Above all, she has a positive aura around her. Shilpaji is my angel. When I first met her 4 yrs back my life was falling apart. Her soothing presence,positive approach and guidance has changed my life positively forever. I am thankful to god who answered my years of prayers and chose her to show me light after so much darkness.

I count her in. She handled my issues very patiently. Found answers to all my questions. It was very satisfactory.

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  • I never felt that I had met her for the first time. Predictions were very accurate.

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    • I specialize in Marriage matching and also Online kundli matching. You can come here for Kundali making or Janampatri. People call me the Best astrologer. I am the Best astrologer in delhi. I have been practicing Jyotish in delhi. I am one of the Top 10 astrologers in delhi and Best astrologer in north delhi.

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      My forte is in Business forecasting or Business prediction or making Business horoscope. Career horoscope can change your life for the better.

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      I have read many books on Career astrology and hence my Career prediction is correct. I also do Education prediction. Consult me for Education astrology. I have made accurate Astrology predictions. Marriage prediction done by me has helped people find the right spouse. I solve problems through Solution astrology.

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      I also give Astrological remedies for Horoscope prediction. I am expert in Match making predictions. Indian horoscope is the best. I use Hindu astrology for Fortune prediction. I also know Sun sign prediction in Western astrology. The text 8. We do, however, find the important term khattakhutta via Ar.

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      Property is the foundation of a man. Even with this emendation, however, the half-stanza does give the impression of being rather awkwardly based on a non-Sanskrit original. While this tendency to summarize and abbreviate sometimes obscures the relation of the Sanskrit text to its sources, parts of chapter 18 may derive from material preserved in the Krakow manuscript but absent from the Latin edition. Up to the last four verses, which eulogize the work itself According to the text In addition, occasional verses in several chapters have unknown Arabic sources, and chapter 2 depends largely on Indian material, also unidentified.

      Best Astrologer in Delhi | Mumbai | Horoscope Reading Consult Online Astrologer -Bizaad

      All identified authors whose dates are known belong to the ninth century, indicating that such a compendium may have been created not much later. For such a loss of text to leave no trace in the form of variant readings in the extant witnesses, it would have had to occur very early in the transmission history.

      One such instance has already been noted above. Here the two versions are virtually identical; but the following example concerns two passages which, while composed in the same metre and more or less interchangeable with regard to meaning—being clearly based on the same source text—are so different in phrasing that we cannot plausibly blame textual corruptions, but must conclude that one constitutes a deliberate reworking of the other: