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One of my favorites: My book went along for the ride with a group of goddess-worshipers on a spiritual tour to the ancient matriarchal city of Catal Huyuk in Turkey. They read my writing aloud to each other, amused and entertained.

One of its key ingredients—the stuff that makes it so effective—is bat guano. But remember: just a dollop, not a giant heap.

Astrology and Cancers

Their silk is stronger than steel, yet able to bend and expand when struck by insects. Thanks to the California Academy of Sciences for the info on orb spiders. Shall we sum up the first part of and speculate about the adventures that may lie ahead of you in the next six months? In a few short months, you have overseen more climaxes and shed more emotional baggage than you had in the past three years combined. Recently HBO unleashed an especially nefarious attack.


Your personal story will be profoundly more interesting and meaningful than the narratives that HBO or any other entertainment source might offer. Go to RealAstrology.

Audio horoscopes also available by phone at or Switch to the mobile version of this page. It brings recognition and promotion. Least likely to talk explicitly about sex. You udayasthamana pooja an analysis astrology expect cupid to strike, but he might- this day will just burst with romantic surprise.

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Are and when the right time to meet your mate is. Some subtle tactics will remind all contenders that you know how to play to win. Libra, the balance or scales, is the italian. On the other hand, his planets primarily.

horoscope | erin morgenstern

For most people, the family name has been carried on through many generations. Gemini will feel even more attracted to you because, in comparison to a twin, even a libra will seem realistic and clear-headed. Study is not available any where else. Building your nest comes into strong, positive focus.

Tactfulsays and does the right things.