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You take love easily, want to have fun, flirt, just be happy. Allow yourself this pleasure, because you deserve to be careless and live from day to day for once. Everyday life is hard enough. Someone seems to be working against you.

Daily Horoscopes: December 14, 2018

As if you were starting and someone is holding you back. You can make as much of an effort as you like, hard work will not be rewarded at the moment! Chin up! Next week everything will be better. You should not constantly strain your nerves and your body. You do not always have to be everywhereat once. See to that you can find a healthy balance between work, exercise and leisure. This energy also helps us remember our ideals and notice how painfully far we may be from them, and that can hurt. But it can also spur good action to take us closer.

Daily Tarot Predictions + Horoscopes, 12/14/, Astrology Zodiac Signs | YourTango

Stay alert to those possibilities and look for common miracles. When the opening occurs, make the best of it with the ambient Capricorn determination and Sagittarius enthusiasm. Some ache or longing pushes this morning and we look to old connections for comfort. Our minds open and we want something completely different, something that answers a deeper need as the Moon conjuncts while Mercury trines Uranus midday: adjust rather than resist.

Tonight, Take a different perspective and watch how the pattern shifts.

Horoscope: December 14th - 15th

Morning is potentially productive with a few control issues popping up midday. We may face a choice that looks paradoxical, as if we can either be efficient, or walk our talk, but really they are one and the same.

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Evening softens sociably and collaboratively, if not intimately, as the Moon enters Aquarius and Venus enters Sagittarius; find an excuse to gather and take the pressure off the closest relationships. Sunday, Dec The mood is optimistic, enthusiastic and collaborative, if a bit sleepy as the Moon trines Jupiter this morning; a relaxed pace is delicious luxury. If interactions get irritable, break the cycle of reaction; breathe and prioritize before responding. Be called to the heart this afternoon, and to the right to imagine possibilities as Venus squares Neptune.

Enjoy a sympathetic aura, but watch for a tendency to project expectations upon one another. Be careful not to spill liquids around an art project. Remember to listen with the heart as well as head midday, and then remember to listen with the head as well as the heart later when emotions rise like a tide pool as the Moon enters Pisces.

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Life is a dream, but we can use that to awaken, not to. There can be the potential for mixed signals if things that need to be written down are left to assumption. Be diligent to communicate in writing, especially when dealing with contracts or matters that are legally important. Aquarius, faith in home and heart can be restored and expanded upon. Little things add up to major blessings today. Your personal treasure chest can be restocked with love and care by the work of your two hands. Pisces, little things that you do make a big difference even if you don't get to see it.

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