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They keep each other reassured and confident and while a Leo loves to be the focus, a Sagittarius is more than happy to shower with compliments and love. Because of this, a Sagittarius is by far the best match. Aries - Both are passionate fire signs meaning they're sure to have sizzling relationships.


There may be some jealousy, but their loyal natures will resolve things and they're both willing to have a good fight and make up quickly. Scorpios - Leos want to be centre of attention and like to dominate, but a Scorpio likes to take control and is always trying to grasp more power. It will be a constant struggle. Taurus - Leo relationships might be exhausting as they are both a little lazy and like to receive love more than give it. You absorb information like a sponge and your ideal partner should be at least as fond of thinking as you are.

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Family is important to you and your partner should be someone willing to take on the responsibility that this entails. The Earth and Water signs would provide you with the emotional nurturing you crave. LEO As a Leo you thrive on attention and need affection from your partner. Best to stay away from sterner, more modest types and opt for a fun person up for a full-on frolic!

Earth, Air and Water signs are good for you but Fire might be too demanding to keep you interested.

New Age Articles & Weekly Horoscopes by Astral Aspects

You need someone charming and polite, housetrained and well presented. The more intellectual and less stubborn signs of the zodiac would keep your heart pounding. SCORPIO You experience your emotions on a very intense level and need someone who can light the way through your darker moods, but understand that sometimes you need to emerge yourself in your deep feelings.

You need someone sensitive enough to appreciate you and strong enough to withstand your powerful moods and thoughts. Earth signs are strong enough to hold all of you, and you have a natural emotional understanding with Water signs.

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