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It is a serious business, not fun. Astrology is an old discipline, dating several millennia ago. Although it has been popularized in many ways and exploited, there are still people who approach to it very seriously, believing it could give us precious answers. Indeed, it is so.

Astrology often makes great sense and explains things no officially acknowledged science can understand. We are focusing on natal astrology that is an astrological branch dealing specifically with lives and personalities of individual human beings. First, let us talk more on Sun sign. We talk in terms of modern Western astrology, based upon the Solar system. Therefore, if you have the Sun in Gemini, you are considered a Gemini person.

It means your Ego and your true self will be marked by the sign of Gemini. It is who you really are and how your character manifests in the world.

virgo Zodiac Sign

The Sun is associated with the element of Fire and it is a masculine principle. It inspires creativity, being a major life-giving and creative force in our universe. With bad aspects, positive energy flow free, making one a great leader, self-confident, honorable, brave and positive person. The4 Sun in Gemini makes one a Gemini person.

Sun in Gemini

Gemini people are witty and quick-minded, playful and of a positive attitude. They are curious and intrigued by anything new, exotic enough to catch their attention. Speaking of it, they lose focus easily, being versatile, dynamic and interested in many different subjects. They tend to change their opinion and goals quickly. They are communicative and outgoing people. Gemini individuals hate boredom more than anything else does and they see always to engage with something new.

Personal experience and social exchange are very important to them.

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They are likely to travel the world and explore new cultures. They enjoy meeting new people and exchanging experiences. Gemini people are resourceful and smart. They can get out of any unpleasant situation by using words. Any profession related to communication suits them fine. Depending on other elements in a natal chart, those that more precisely define their interest, they could become performers, writers, spokesperson, journalists, public-relations agents and so on. It is everything who you are as a sensing and emotional being.

The Moon is about emotions and intuition. It has always been associated with mystical forces of the night, with deep feelings, dreams and imagination. The Moon defines your reactions and impressions. It is how you absorb and feel information from your surroundings, not about your expression. The Moon is associated with the element of Water and it is believed it has a special impact on Water element signs that are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Mystical and ever-changing Moon affects our emotional development and our mood.

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The field the Moon sits in a natal chart represents the sphere of life that brings greatest emotional vulnerability, but strength, as well. Let us find out more about the Moon in Virgo. What does it means then to have the Moon, an emotional principle, in strict and cold Virgo? It means one develops intellectual emotionality.

People with the Moon in Virgo see to rationalize their emotions and rarely surrender solely to the desires of their heart. They have a strong need to analyze them and give them certain intellectual ground. These people possess perfectionism as a part of their personality, typical for Virgo. These people have to find a logical explanation to every single emotion they feel. Although it may seem tiresome to you, it is simply how they are. If they do not do so, they feel anxious and insecure.

Virgos are practical, analytical and hard-working, always knowing exactly where to look for the core of any problem. Their methodology makes them shine at jobs that require good organization, dealing with paperwork, problem solving and working with their minds and their hands. When they focus, perfection is to be expected from their work, for no other sign has such an eye for details as Virgo.

Horoscope Compatibility: Discover Your Zodiac Sign Compatibility

In love with books and artistic expression, they make good critics, while their need to help humankind serves them best if they decide to become doctors, nurses or psychologists. Virgo stands for all practical and used things, and it is in the nature of these individuals to save money and always put something on the side.

Unfortunately, this approach can sometimes make them a bit cheap and too concerned about everything they might lack tomorrow. They need to learn to indulge in some hedonism too. To seduce a Virgo man, one must respect his need for cleanliness and order.

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In most cases he enters romance slowly, carefully, and likes to take his time getting to know a person before starting anything serious. When he receives information on what to expect, his partner has to be sure to deliver nothing less. A Virgo man might put up a cool front, but don't let him fool you. He has deep and sensual needs, and only if his partner is patient enough, able to withstand his tendency to overanalyze everything, he will eventually warm up.

It takes obvious and hard work to sweep a Virgo man off his feet. He needs a partner to inspire, remind him of his own talents, and will often find such a person in platonic and completely irrational spheres. In search for someone honest, patient and tidy, he is always ready to settle down with the right person for a very long time. A Virgo personality is a mix of intelligence, attention to detail, common sense, and commitment, and a woman born with her in this sign is very smart, modest, and capable.

Trying to seduce this woman can seem intimidating at first, for she is likely to put on a facade of indifference. However, she is not cold but practical, realistic and cautious when it comes to starting new relationships. She will never simply give herself to someone without assessing their character and emotions shared with her from the beginning. As all Earth signs she will enjoy the material world and see any gift she gets as a blessing, but still truly enjoy things only when they are extremely practical and easy to use, digest, or when in need of fixing.

Attracted to intelligent but distant personalities, a Virgo woman has a strong capacity to love, but chooses to wait for sharing emotions until she is ready.

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Private and defensive, this is someone who needs her defense mechanisms respected but still broken by the right partner. Virgo man - information and insights on the Virgo man.

What Your Ruling Element Can Tell You About Your Relationship

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